Venice Is a Cafe in Downtown St. Louis Which Displays Many Types of Art


Credit to Noah Tucker

Entrance to the Venice Cafe pub in downtown St. Louis during the day. The pub is a transformed house in a local neighborhood and has been open for nearly 35 years.

In downtown St. Louis, there’s a house covered with plants and pieces of art ranging from drawings and paintings to sculptures. It first opened on Sept. 2, 1988 and is approaching its thirty-fifth birthday. The home belongs to Jeff Lockheed, who transformed it into a cafe when he needed work.

“I used to work for, at the time, TWA (Trans World Airlines) airline, and they fired me,” Lockheed said. “I needed a job, so this is how this evolved. The place was my home and I made it into a bar.” 

The colorful contrast between the bar and the homes around it cannot be understated. This is because Lockheed has collected and display’s all different types of art, and even creates his own. This contributes to the unique atmosphere of the house, inside and out.

“I collect art, and it’s all different; paintings, drawings, sculptures, everything. I have a large space to display it so that’s what I intend to do with all of it,” Lockheed said.

With the summer months fast approaching, the greenery in the area will certainly flourish making the home even more eye-catching. It’s all a part of the evolution Lockheed sees in his business. 

“In the summertime it’s really nice because of the plants and there’s a little more space. It’s like anything, it evolves and I find new things and I create new things and I try to share that with the customers,” Lockheed said.