Four Entertainment Stories About Various Trending Topics and Current Events

Four Entertainment Stories About Various Trending Topics and Current Events
TikTok Faces Music Backlash
(Credit to Izzy Lash)

During the lockdown of 2020, TikTok grew in popularity. The app is known for its variety of short videos with popular music in the background. As the app has become more popular, so has the music in the videos. Many upcoming music artists get their start through TikTok. Not only is their music popular, but the already known music is as well.

“I think songs [on TikTok] become more popular because a lot of people like that style of music and then they become more popular from people listening to them more,” freshman Tabitha Hickman said.

Artists of the music do not get very much payment for their music being on TikTok. This has caused a problem with some of the more popular artists. The Universal Music Group removed their songs from TikTok on Jan. 31, thus causing a stir of emotions from the viewers and creators on TikTok.

“The music being removed was kind of disappointing,” Hickman said. “I think a lot of people had to take down things because a lot of the songs were taken away.”

Watermelon Game Frenzy
Watermelon Game Frenzy

The Watermelon Game made its rise to fame when it was featured on TikTok live streams in which the streamers would play the game. It was also featured at the bottom of TikTok videos alongside famous TV shows. The game has also become popular because of its simplicity. It shares a similarity to old mobile games like Tetris or 2048 which involve combing items to advance.

“We have a competition to see who could get the most watermelons so you may [play as a] competition,” senior Jackie Jolly said.

QSWaterMelon or the Watermelon Game, is a game where one pairs up different fruits that combine into more with the ultimate goal of producing a watermelon. There’s also a helping tool where a timer appears and one can physically shake a phone in order to get the fruit to touch and combine. This game was released on Nov. 7, 2023, and has been a huge hit ever since the beginning of the year.

“I would definitely suggest it and it’s fun for a while,” Jolly said.

(Credit to Violet Newton)
Music Appeal at Coachella
Music Appeal at Coachella

Coachella is an outdoor annual music and arts festival. Doja Cat, Lana Del Rey, and Tyler the Creator are headlining this year’s Coachella in Indio, California April 12 through April 24. The internet has mixed emotions about this year’s headlining artists, but many students like senior Vanessa Waldon are very excited for Coachella.

“I want to go see Doja Cat and everyone there,” Waldon said.

Tickets start at $500 for general admission, and $1,609 for VIP. If one is not able to go, Coachella will be live on YouTube. This year’s attendance is estimated to be around 250,000 people.

Each year since 1999, people have been thrilled for Coachella to go see their favorite music artists. The main attraction of Coachella is seeing the famous music artists, but one can also get to discover smaller bands that they might interested in. Artists and bands such as Deftones, Bebe Rexha, Faye Webster, and Ice Spice are also playing at the event.

“I feel this lineup of singers are really good and flow together perfectly and will be amazing to hear together at Coachella,” freshman Alex Rudoplhi said.

(Credit to Samantha Hall)
Palworld V. Nintendo
(Credit to Alex Wheadon)

Palworld, a new game that hit the market on Jan. 19, that is available on PC or Xbox, is being sued by Nintendo for copyright infringement. Controversy is surrounding the new Palworld game by Nintendo stating that it is a blatant copy of their Pokémon game. The game is made by Pocket Pair, Inc. that is inspired by the popular Pokémon franchise. In the game, there are creatures called Pals that the player can get and then use to fight other Pals and even players.

On one hand, the Palworld creators are stating that their Pals may share a similarity to the Pokémon because they are based on the same creatures. However, according to Palworld, they are in no way based on their popular characters themselves.

Nintendo, on the other hand, claims that Palworld is infringing Pokémon copyright by basing most of their designs on the characters the Pokémon designs took inspiration from. They also have had a record of taking down fan games with even a hint of the Pokémon franchise.

Teen Slang

Describes something extremely good or amazing

“I heard a student say it once describing a Mexican restaurant and I was like, ‘It’s fire? Like it’s fiery?’ So that must mean it’s good.” -Brian Santos, Spanish teacher


To have romantic charm, short for ‘charisma.'

“[I use it] to make fun of people that use it.” - Zach Fettig, social studies teacher

It's Giving

Describes something that is giving off a specific vibe.

“This one needs to leave. It’s driving me crazy. Especially when they say ‘it’s giving’ and don’t say anything else.” - Jenny Liberson, French teacher

Stand on Business

To take control of a situation, or do what you say you are going to do.

“[I use it] because I have to stay hip with the young people.” -Ashley Seiss, English teacher

(Credit to Miranda Fabian)
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