Team gets ball rolling

Published: March 13, 2008

Over the past few years the bowling team has grown in size and even gained a reputation in the league they play in. Read More »...

Track team sprints at chance to compete with the best of the best in Washington

Published: March 13, 2008

After much wait, the Varsity track team recently learned the date of the annual, and much anticipated meet at Washington University, held on March 22. Read More »...

Dunahue continues coaching despite retirement

Published: March 13, 2008

Since he was four years old, Bob Dunahue has been in love with the game of baseball. Read More »...

Lady Knights basketball say goodbye to seniors

Published: March 13, 2008

As the buzzer goes off, the four seniors on the Lady Knights basketball team realize they are one game closer to the end of the season. Read More »...

Baseball try-outs begin soon

Published: February 14, 2008

Baseball tryouts begin on Feb 28 and will last through March 1. Coaches will be looking for baseball IQ, work ethic, what kind of person the student is and their talent. Read More »...

Track proves to be more than a sport

Published: February 14, 2008

When most people think of track, they just think of running laps around a football field, maybe then throwing a metal frisbee, or even jumping around in sand. Read More »...

Girls swimming team takes strokes towards victory

Published: February 14, 2008

Continuing a season full of excitement the girls swimming team has been making great strides towards their goal of winning as much as possible this year by winning some of their meets. Read More »...

Swimmers outdo past

Published: February 14, 2008

It’s last lap for the girls swimming team as the season begins to come to a close. Read More »

Schulze cheers with Legendz, competitors

Published: February 14, 2008

The fear of the moment turns into excitement for what is about to happen. Read More »

It’s possible to bench a player, not his passion

Published: February 14, 2008

Many high school basketball players would be aggressive, hot tempered, or even frustrated if they were told to take a seat on the bench, especially if they had to sit on the bench for over eight games. Read More »...

Hockey team works to win the Challenge Cup

Published: February 14, 2008

After much anticipation, the hockey team finally found out on Mon, Feb. 4 that they will be seated in the Challenge Cup, the hardest pool of their final tournament. Read More »...

New hockey stadium proves to be beneficial to both players,fans

Published: January 24, 2008

North and Duchesne fans will head to the hockey game on Dec. 21 Read More »...