The Student News Website of Francis Howell North High School.

The Student News Website of Francis Howell North High School.
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The Student News Website of Francis Howell North High School.

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“I learned a great deal about delegating work among others and helping a group of people collaborate and create something truly special, and I will use those skills for the rest of my life in all that I do.”

– David Hoehn

“I gained a lot of confidence in my abilities as a journalist, a leader and a person in general.”
– Maddie Baum 

“Remember, it’s not about you, you are writing because it’s important to someone else. This class helps you enhance your communication skills.”
– Jeremiah Miller

“It helped me to step out of my comfort zone and gain leadership skills I never knew I had.”
– Barbara Jean Palmer

“The numerous other skills I took from 026 put me a step ahead of other students when I found myself in a college classroom (as a journalism major), and have since helped me feel confident in my abilities whether I’m writing a story, an email, applying for a job or going to an interview.”
– Abigail Feil

“The main thing that I gained from being on newspaper and yearbook was the fact that anything is possible if you just put your mind to it. The vision is yours.”
– Ryan Gruber

“Joining the newspaper staff helped me figure out that journalism was a major I wanted to pursue in college. Because I had so much experience in high school, I felt more prepared to tackle difficult stories for class or for local media outlets at Mizzou. 026 Publications also gave me the opportunity to shape my leadership style and learn how to work with people unlike myself. I have been able to transfer these leadership and interpersonal skills to non-journalism related roles at school and internships. Overall, high school journalism was a great experience and I would definitely recommend it.”
– Danielle Karstens

High School Journalism Matters (link)
Research conducted for the Newspaper Association of America Foundation provides clear evidence that student journalists earn better high school grades, perform at higher levels on college entrance exams and receive higher grades in college writing and grammar courses than students who lack that experience. The “High School Journalism Matters” study builds on previous NAA Foundation research showing that students who work on their high school newspapers or student-oriented sections of their hometown papers and who use newspapers in class or for homework are more engaged in civic activities, better educated and more involved citizens as they grow older.

More Than Yearbooks or Newspapers: High School Journalism Is About the Process (link).School activities have been linked to achievement after graduation.

Dear Students: Even if you Don’t Read a Newspaper, You Should Still Work at One (link)
This article from the Huffington Post, written by a media adviser at Florida Atlantic University, details numerous reasons why and how working on student media prepares students for a job in almost any industry.

Resolution on the Importance of Journalism Courses and Programs in English Curricula (link)
A National Council of Teachers of English resolution on the importance of journalism courses and programs in English curricula approved by the NCTE Board of Directors or the NCTE Executive Committee adopted at the 2004 NCTE Annual Business Meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana. Also includes a comprehensive works cited bibliography.

ASJMC Statement on the Value of Scholastic Media (link) The Association of Schools of Journalism and Mass Communication Secondary Education Committee adopted position statement on the value of scholastic media. In 2008, ASJMC sent this to high school principals across the country, as well as to state scholastic press associations and other organizations concerned about scholastic media.

Journalism requires civic engagement (link)

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