Orion Allman

Orion Allman, Social Team

Orion Allman is a staffer in FHN Publications on the web, social and advertising staff. He took Multimedia first semester and was recommended to staff, instead of Multimedia 2, for second semester. In Multimedia, Orion’s work ranged from: creating a website, making videos and working with audio files. In his time on staff, Orion is looking forward to working with multimedia and the social platforms used in 105*. Orion hopes to broaden the reach that FHNtoday and FHNgameday have on the school and make it reach the entire school, instead of parts of the school.

Orion is a senior and hopes to attend Webster University or Lindenwood University. He is interested in studying Computer Science or Psychology.

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Get Involved

Get Involved

By Orion Allman
Published: May 10, 2018
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