Junior Justin Baniak pays for his lunch after getting his food. The lunchroom has a variety of choices for lunch from nachos to ramen daily. Groups of teachers and students went on trips to research power lunches first hand to figure out how to apply them to FHN. (Photos by Pavan Kolluru)

FHSD Considers Implementing Power Lunches in Upcoming School Year

Published: March 26, 2020

Power lunches have been a point of discussion in recent weeks. It is still up in the air if the three FHSD high schools are i...

Principal Jeff Blankenship rolls his new desk down the hallway. (Photo by Macy Cronin)

FHN Principal Jeff Blankenship Has a New Desk on Wheels

Published: March 11, 2020

FHN principal Jeff Blankenship has made a portable desk he calls ‘Work in Motion’ so he can be more a part of the FHN commu...

Standing tall, junior Lily Karase holds out her flag preparing to spin it during winter guard practice. Many new changes occurred this year, such as there is only one team, getting rid of the division between JV and Varsity. Two returning coaches are preparing the show this year. (Photo by Avery Witherbee)

FHN Winter Guard Anticipates Next Show and Season

Published: January 19, 2020

As the cold descends upon St. Charles, FHN’s winter guard is not discouraged as they warm-up for their season. This year the coache...

A car drives by FHN at the end of the school day. FHSD proposes an opportunity to save money on interest costs late last year. The Board of Education holds monthly meetings where they discuss issues involving money and other matters in the district. Recently they have decided on a ‘No Tax Increase Bond’ which they will discuss at the Jan. meeting. (Photo by Anna Hollinger)

Proposition S is Going on the April Ballot

Published: January 15, 2020

In late December, the FHSD Board of Education voted unanimously in a 7- 0 vote to put a ‘No Tax Rate Increase’ bond on the A...

(Photo by Macy Cronin)

Previous Student Teacher Nick Schlenke is Full Time at Semester

Published: January 15, 2020

As students are coming back from winter break they have grown used to their previous schedule and the school life before brea...

(Photo by Macy Cronin)

Taking a Self Care Day Over Winter Break

Published: December 11, 2019

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a self-care day is defined as a day in which a person takes care of themselves. Over ...

Graduation [ Photo Gallery ]

Graduation [ Photo Gallery ]

Published: June 3, 2019

On June 1, the FHN senior class gathers in The Family Arena to celebrate the class of 2019. Parents, friends and teachers crowded into the arena to support their graduates and filled majority of the stadium. Students and teach...

The Evolution of Music [Infographic]

The Evolution of Music [Infographic]

Published: April 9, 2019


Freshman Pursued a Larger Role in Student Council by Running for Chief-of-Staff

Freshman Pursued a Larger Role in Student Council by Running for Chief-of-Staff

Published: April 3, 2019

She walks around with a Tupperware container of homemade cookies. She smiles and offers cookies to students sitting and eating in...