Senior Newspaper staffers talk about their time in 026

Senior Newspaper staffers talk about their time in 026

Published: May 15, 2013

Many have been on staff for over three years and been through a lot in the publications room. On their last paper day, newspaper...

A picture from the Evil Dead.

The Evil Dead

Published: April 17, 2013

Take me back to a time when scary movies had a real plot, when they used to be original ideas with bone-chilling sequences....

Maddie Nagel Bonds With Her Horse

Maddie Nagel Bonds With Her Horse

Published: January 16, 2013

He’s cocky, but he’s sweet. He doesn’t kick or bite, but he’s lazy and has an attitude. To put it short: he’s sas...

Trick or Treat Street Preview

Trick or Treat Street Preview

Published: October 30, 2012

With the help of sponsors Beth Wilkins and Shelly Parks, FHN’s Student Council will be hosting the charity event, Trick or Treat ...

Knightsound wraps up their successful season

Knightsound wraps up their successful season

Published: May 16, 2012

  With over half of the original Knightsound team gone due to seniors graduating after the 2010-11 school year, the...

Catch Em' While They're Here

Catch Em’ While They’re Here

Published: April 29, 2012

Want to Hear from The Sting-Ray Supervisor? Click Here! They’re back. The slimy soft ocean dwellers that many are afraid...

Christian Hickerson's Passion for Longboarding

Christian Hickerson’s Passion for Longboarding

Published: April 11, 2012

While cruising down a steep hill at about 45 mph, senior Christian Hickerson quickly gains speed. He feels a gust wind and a rush of adrenal...

Art show at Queeny Park

Art show at Queeny Park

Published: April 1, 2012

Arts of all kinds found their way into St. Louis this weekend at The Art Show in Queeny Park. People from all around Missouri and nei...

Happe plans to run to state

Published: February 12, 2012

Sophomore Alexis Happe has already proved herself to be one of the top runners on the track team. She started running officially her f...

Kerry Moriarty involves herself in everything

Published: January 13, 2012

At FHN, students have the option of joining one or more of the numerous clubs and/or partaking in a sport. Junior Kerry Moriarty is ...

Girls swimming tri-meet

Girls swimming tri-meet

Published: December 16, 2011

After practicing nonstop for the last few weeks, the girl’s swim team has finally seen it pay off. This week the team had f...

Varsity girls Volleyball pre-game rituals

Published: September 21, 2011

As fans anxiously await the start of the game, the Varsity girls Volleyball team circle around each other to begin their cheer, “Give me a K. K, you got your K; you got your K.” The crowd then joins in spelling out “knights”. This is the start to the Volleyball players pregame ritual that they preform at every game. “When you do [a preg...