Varsity Boys Basketball Are Excited For The Upcoming Season

By Colleen Mccurry

“I expect us to do very well and I expect us, as a team, to have a winning record,” Junior James Gleeson said.

Just before fall break, the boys were thrown a curveball when it was announced that they would be getting a new head coach. This will be Coach Darrell Davis’ 33rd year coaching and his 21st as a head coach.

“I think the kids are going to like playing for him, I think he will have a style of play that the kids are gonna enjoy,” Activities Director Mike Janes said.

Tryouts are more crucial for players this year than in years past because Davis is picking the players after only knowing them for a few weeks. Even though the season has just begun, the starting lineup is expected to be Senior Blake Shambro as center, Juniors Taylor Salzano and James Gleeson as shooting guards, Senior Callen Hall as point guard, and Senior Kyle Lemons as the forward.

“The toughest part is him not knowing you as well. You have to prove yourself more and you have to get used to his coaching style,” Gleeson said.

Not only do the Knights have to prove themselves to Coach Davis, but to themselves and their fans as well. Some key games for them this year include Central and Troy games, as well as the Pink Ribbon game against Howell.