Cross Country Recap

By Brenda Alvarado

Saturday November 3rd, the cross country State championship meet took place in Jefferson city.

In it competed four of North’s runners, juniors Jillian Fields, Alexis Happe, Brandon Chac and sophomore Dominique Meyer.

“It was fun going with the whole varsity team,” Fields said.

“I thought the course was challenging.”

Being familiar with the state course, Happe placed 32nd with a time of 19:57.  New to the state course were Fields Meyer and Chac. Fields and Meyer thought the course was rather challenging, where Chac saw it like any other course.

Fields placed 76th with a time of 20:44 and Meyer in 128th with a time of 21:36. Chac placed 146th with a time of 18:05.

“I thought it was an amazing experience. I wanted to do well, but was mainly glad I made it,” Meyer said.