10-23 V Boys Soccer vs Timberland [Photo Gallery]

By ravynwynter

Thursday October 23 the Varsity Boys Soccer team took the field for their senior night. Saying goodbye to six of the leaders on their team. Seniors Gabe Grote, Andrew Meyer, Kevin Rudgberg, Andrew Baker, Christian Vasquez, and Ethan Hussy walked across the field high-fiving and hugging their teammates while their fans cheered.

“It’s awesome, bittersweet but awesome, four years of hard work is finally coming to an end. It’s strange really,” said Grote.

The Knights faced off against the Timberland Wolves in an intense game that left Sophmore Conner Crain injured after the first half. A goal by Junior Alec McClendon in the second half left the score 1-0 and the Wovles never recovered. The final score was 1-0 with the victory to the Knights.

“That’s just what we do, I’m proud of us,” said Rudberg.

( Photos by ashleigh jenkins and jessica allison)