9-16 Powderpuff Game [Photo Gallery]

On Wednesday Sept. 16, the junior and senior girls competed against one another in the 16th annual Powderpuff game. Last year the juniors beat the seniors for the first time since 2008. This year the seniors beat the juniors, 147-70.

“I think did better,[than last year] our defense was much stronger, and our offense was much quicker,” said senior Erica Sims.

The junior and senior boys switched the roles with the ladies and were crowd pleasers, where they cheered on the ladies from the sidelines. The boys performed at halftime.

“It feels amazing to win two years in a row, as a junior and a senior,” said Sims.
(Photos by Abby Temper, Lucas Tabaka, Kyra Peper, Hannah Medlin, Riley McCrackin, and Madi Graves.)