Car of the Week: Ryan Croghin’s Burban

1990 Chevy Surburban


By Chris Wood

This week’s car of the week is another Chevy but is a bit older than the last featured car of the week. The car is a 1990 Chevy Suburban owned by senior Ryan Croghin. He was not lucky enough to acquire the Suburban as a gift but he received the Suburban through long, hot hours of construction work. With that money, he paid a friend’s dad $1500 to get the keys to the “Burban,” as Croghin likes to call his car.

Croghin has had to do a lot of work to the truck since he bought it. Since the summer of 2015 when he bought it to present day, he has replaced the wheels, tires, multiple parts of the cooling system and the alternator. He also had to replace his lug nuts, rotors and pads due to his tire falling off.

“All of the sudden, I saw my tire keep going past and heard a loud scraping noise,” Croghin said. His tire fell off while he was driving at about 45mph. He tried to pull over, but with no front tire, the rear end of the Burban stuck out. He got out of the car so angry that he kicked a dent in the side of his door when he shut it. His tire continued rolling down hill down the road, almost hitting a brand new ford F150. A police officer then showed up who called a tow truck to get the Burban out of the middle of the lane. He spent the whole next day spent fixing the Burban to get it back in running condition.

Croghin has some big plans for the Burban. Once he gets the money, he plans to lift his Burban 6in and put 35in mud tires on a pair of 3/4 ton axles. Then he will rebuild the motor and convert it to five speed manual in the Burban, making it perform better on and offroad. He has many planes for the Burban and hopes that one day he will be able to make the Burban the way he imagines it after more hard, long hours of work.