Girls Varsity Tennis Plays in GACs

(Photo by Haleigh Schlogl)
(Photo by Haleigh Schlogl)

The Varsity girl’s tennis team have GAC’s on Sept. 19 and 20. The Lady Knights are playing about five or six teams. There will be five matches for each double and single team. The GAC’s will go on for two days

“A lot of us are coming after practice to get extra training and  working out on their own,” said junior Maddie Oswald.

The team also has played a lot of matches and sometimes practices on Saturdays.  Each match can last from one to two hours long. Varsity Gold will play doubles, and Varsity Silver will play singles. Singles is a one on one match, while doubles is a two on two match. The matches will not be canceled or postponed unless it rains or is above 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

“We almost won our tournament, so I’m confident we will do well,” said junior Rhe’aun Griffin.

The season is near to its close after GAC’s. The girls are nervous to play FHHS but are still confident they can do well and take first place overall. After the season, most of the Varsity girls will continue to train and improve on their skills year round. If the girls win, they plan on going out to dinner to celebrate their victory. With the season coming to a close, they plan to train hard and get better at what they do to potentially come back stronger next year.

“We will be happy and feel accomplished, but over winter, we will continue to work hard, to train for the following season,” said sophomore Isabella Schneider.