Painting More Than Just Pots


Credit to Hannah Medlin

By Alex Lane

This artistic studio is a mother-daughter owned walk-in art studio, varying from ceramics and glass fusing to just old-fashioned painting. Located at 3772 Monticello Plaza in St. Charles, anyone is welcome to go to the studio. Whether they’re looking for a place to sit and paint with friends and family or they just want to get away on their own for a bit, the Painted Pot provides an outlet. Artist or not, they’ll find a design that meets the artist’s eye.

“We don’t mind if you’re here for one hour or three weeks,” owner Donna Schreiter said. “That’s OK, we all work at different paces.”

People of all ages step foot into the Painted Pot, from children to adults and even families. Being a walk-in art studio, customers can come in and paint whenever they feel the need to. The tables set up in the studio have brushes and different paints available ready to use and water bowls for cleaning brushes. Workers walk around and check in frequently to make sure that each table is doing OK and to see if they need any painting tips or advice.

“I like to see somebody who comes in and doesn’t think that they’re creative, but then they walk out the door thinking and saying, ‘I did this, I created this,’” Donna said. “It’s just a good feeling on my end to feel.”

Ceramics is one of the many options offered at the Painted Pot. People walk in and  select a pre-made piece from a shelf full of different designs. Some designs they have to offer are different plates, animal pieces, vehicle sculptures and mugs. Customers paint the piece they chose with brushes and colors provided and then pay for it once they are finished. Once they are finished, they leave their art in the studio so the staff can kiln-fire the art, and it’s typically available a week later to pick up.

“I enjoyed doing the design such as putting dots and other patterns on it, and I felt I could actually be creative for once,” junior Leah Chaney said.

Glass fusing is a unique way artists can express themselves at the studio. Artists choose a glass template and cut colored pieces of glass to make a design. Once that is complete, the studio puts the glass in the kiln. Once the kiln is done, they melt the glass again so the flat glass elevates to a structure the artist would like. Recently, customers have fused their glass into bowls, vases and platters.

“It’s functional art,” Donna’s daughter Meagan Schreiter said. “You start with a blank piece of glass and then come up with your own design to your liking.”

The studio’s most recent addition for customers is “mixed media.” People can choose from canvas painting, collaging and scrapbooking. Artists get to sit down and really be creative as they dig through papers that suit their liking and come up with a design or collage idea on their own. Mixed media is great for people who want to take their art home that same day. They are allowed to bring their work home that day once they are satisfied.

“As an artist, we can’t just do one thing,” Donna said. “That’s why we offer many different styles here in the studio.”