Seven Seniors Leave Varsity Boys Volleyball Team This Year


Credit to Natasha Haverly

Sophomore Parker Smith gets set to receive a ball at volleyball practice on March 4. The boys volleyball team lost many seniors from last year due to them graudating. They are looking to come back strong this season.

Losing seniors and learning to adapt is a challenge that most high schools sports teams face every year. It is especially challenging when the team did well and there were many seniors on the team. The boys varsity volleyball team is learning to adapt and make these changes for their upcoming season. Senior Grogan Kraus is looking forward to the start of the new season and taking these challenges head on. 

“The beginning of the season will be a struggle,” Kraus said. “Even though it might be harder at the beginning, we have the potential to be really good. Our important tournaments are at the end of the season and I think by that time we will be really good.” 

Being a senior on the team, underclassmen will look up to Kraus to give them guidance. Kraus is going to have to step up and be a leader on the team. After losing seven seniors from the 2021 season, the team is in need of new leaders to step up the plate.

“I plan to be a leader on the team by leading by example,” Kraus said. “I am going to do exactly what coach tells me to and I won’t mess around during practices.”

The team has a lot of goals moving forward with the 2022 season. The boys will have to work together and hard inside and outside of practice. Junior Braden Powelson has a goal of winning the team’s conference which includes beating Howell and Howell Central. 

“I know that winning the conference is a big goal and we are going to have to work hard to achieve it,” Powelson said. “We are going to have to watch a lot of film to know what Howell and Howell Central are doing. We’re really good at adapting and we are going to have to adapt often. We will also have to do the right things during practices.”

While the boys work hard during the season, they also have a unique bond which makes the team more enjoyable to be a part of. Leaders on the team want to include everyone in all the things that they do. 

“We can accomplish all the goals that we have by having a good team dynamic,” Kraus said. “I want to include everyone in the warm ups and team things that we do. We have had a really good system from what past seniors have put in place and I want to uphold that.”