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The Knights of Excellence Picnic Will be Making a Comeback After Two Years


Credit to Addison Polsgrove

Knights of Excellence sponsor, Kristen Johnson, speaks to her KOE members at a meeting.

Communication Arts teachers Kristen Johnson and Lindsey Scheller will be hosting the Knights of Excellence (KOE) picnic on April 13. The KOE picnic is a way of celebrating students that don’t usually get the recognition they deserve. 

“Normally it’s the kind of thing that just, people know what it is because every year they see it or just hear about it,” Johnson said. 

In the past the KOE picnic would have been held in the stadium which made room for different kinds of inflatables and food. Students would get sixth and seventh hours off to go to the stadium, while students who helped set up could stay all day. This year it will be held in the large gym, auditorium and the wrestling room. According to Johnson, it will be held in the middle of the day instead of the end.

“Students are missing out on some of the things that make them excited to come to school,” Johnson said.

Students don’t have to do much to be able to go to the picnic. It could be any form of achievement such as straight A’s or being involved in a club that helps out with the community. 

“This is one that looks at your snapshot of the year and says ‘Have you done something this year that we want to make sure we recognize you for?’”Johnson said.