FHSD gets New Interim Superintendent


Credit to Natasha Haverly

By Olivia Van Horn, News Staff

As FHSD’s current superintendent is set to retire on July 1, there will be an interim superintendent for the 2022-23 school year. Nathan Hoven has been the active superintendent for two years but has recently announced his retirement. Kenneth Roumpos, the current Deputy Superintendent, will be taking over his position as the interim superintendent for the next school year.

“Dr. Roumpos is a great choice for our district,” Janet Stiglich the school board director said. “He is willing to work with all the teachers, all the staff and everybody for the betterment of this district. I think that he is going to be a welcome addition as the Superintendent. He’s always been part of our family, but I think he’s going to make a very, very good leader.”

Hoven has led the school district through many new situations, like COVID-19, and made many decisions regarding public health precautions. With Roumpos having worked as the Deputy Superintendent under Hoven for the past couple of years, he hopes to continue making a difference in the Francis Howell community.

“There have been a lot of reasons that all play into me deciding to retire from this position,” Hoven said. “Ultimately, I received an opportunity outside of the education field that felt like the right opportunity to take right now.” 

Roumpos has been working with the current Superintendent to continue a portion of his goals for the school district, although Roumpos has several goals of his own for the Francis Howell School District. One of the central topics Hoven and Roumpos have been discussing is to make sure they have a smooth transition between the both of them so as not to disrupt the current flow of the district. 

“I am truly excited for Dr. Roumpos to take my position as he is a great person and has been an even greater leader within our school district,” Hoven said. “I am enthusiastic to see what he will accomplish during his time as superintendent next year.” 

Hoven will be stepping away from his job as superintendent officially on July 1, 2022, handing the role off to Roumpos.

“Stepping away from the education field definitely feels different, as education is the only career I’ve known in my adult life,” Hoven said, “I have really enjoyed being in the education world and I am grateful I have gotten to see the great things we do in schools. I am definitely going to miss that, although I am excited to start a new chapter in my life and I am excited to see what Dr. Roumpos will achieve in the upcoming school year.”