On Stranger Tides

On Stranger Tides

May 21, 2011

The "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise has always been popular ever since it's release in 2003, and this year's newest edition...

The Pledge, The Turn, and “The Prestige”

May 2, 2011

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Throughout history, entertainment has always been present from plays in theaters, movies and even opera, but none would ever capture the audience’s mind and “wow” them in disbelief as magic. An illusion, or a trick, performed by a magician on stage has always been popular and legendary director Christopher Nolan took the ideas, lore and even th...

The Nanosuit returns in “Crysis 2”

April 28, 2011

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In 2007, CryTek game studios released a revolutionary game for computers with great  graphics known to the gaming community as “Crysis”. The great affect that this game had on gamers was not just because it was a fun, cool, aw-inspiring game but because of how they programmed the game to use the most out of the graphics to bring a story t...

Chaos brings a new style of show to Television

April 15, 2011

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In the world of spies there are many beginnings to one’s career, but for the newest agent, Rick Martinez, his career as a C.I.A. spy just got dissolved. In CBS’s newest series “Chaos” the show follows a group of agents inside the C.I.A. that just lost their jobs due to recent budget cuts. Martinez finds himself at a loss when on his first day ...

Unstoppable makes its mark

April 7, 2011

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The movie’s title says it all: “Unstoppable”.  It's about a train that is loose on the Pennsylvanian Railway going at full speed with nothing to stop it. It starts off with Will Colesen (Chris Pine) on his first day of work on the railway with his engineer and mentor Frank Barnes (Denzel Washington) as they set out on what seems to be a normal da...

Rooster Teeth grows in popularity

Rooster Teeth grows in popularity

March 29, 2011

There has always been the idea that television shows can be more popular if they were transformed into web series instead. One company started as a small group of friends who wanted t...

Willott receives Proclamation Award

Willott receives Proclamation Award

March 11, 2011

Earlier today, Representative Kathie Conway presented Steve Willott with a proclamation for being named the Missouri Math Teacher  for E...

The story that created James Bond

March 4, 2011

Ever since Ian Flemming wrote his books series with the ever-so classic character we all know and love, not all of his books were made ...

Macbeth at the Repertory

March 2, 2011

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Last night, The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis produced the most well-known, but also “cursed”, performance that William Shakespeare has ever written known as “Macbeth”. The show started off in a unique way, instead of having someone come out on stage and welcome everyone, all of the characters in the play came out, kneeling as if they were ...

College isn’t always for everyone

February 15, 2011

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When you think of a community college you tend to think about somewhere close to home. It would be some place that’s nice, possibly small, easy to get to, and lots of people. NBC took the idea of exploring community college in their own way. In 2009 the released a new series called “Community” that follows a group of students, young and old, a...

Being Human can be more difficult than it seems

February 8, 2011

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When you think life can be hard for some people, when it seems like  everything is crashing down around them all at one time and you think “well I’m only human” for this group of three roommates, being human is not even an option. Syfy's new series "Being Human" follows three roommates who are a vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost who all en...

The MiddleMan

January 25, 2011

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When it first came out as a comic book in the late 90’s, “The MiddleMan” was a comedic, yet action-packed thriller that was made into a T.V. show that premiered on ABC in 2005. The show followed how the comic books were written with the characters and almost even the same story lines. “The MiddleMan” was about a secret organization that...

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