Girls Swimming Season Recap


As junior Maggie Torbeck takes her place on the podium and accepts her third place medal she breathes deeply, smiles, and lets the realization of what she has

Junior Maggie Torbeck on the podium at GAC's
Junior Maggie Torbeck on the podium at GAC’s

accomplished sink in. Medaling at GAC’s, one of her top goals for the season.

“Thank goodness; I wanted it so bad. I’m just excited I pulled it off,” Said Torbeck. “What a perfect way to end a season.”

All of the girls in North’s swim team came into this season with many different goals they hoped to accomplish. But all of them shared the same big objective; work together, have fun and most importantly, improve stroke techniques and swim times.

“Overall I’d say we were very successful, especially our 10 newcomers,” Sandbooth said. “We came a long way this season.”

The girls are hoping to continue this years successes next year but also to create new success.

As for next years season, the girls know that the loss of their seniors will be a difficulty that they will need to overcome together. In preparation for this Maggie Torbeck says she will be practicing twice as much on her club team, working out daily, and perfecting her strokes.

“I want to be ready for next year; I want to be on the podium again, and I want to be a leader for my team my senior year,” Said Torbeck.