The Mentor Club Looks to Bring New Energy to Francis Howell North


Credit to Sadie Cotton

Junior Savanna Degenhardt and other FHN Mentors help incoming freshman on transition day.

As a program that’s all about school spirit, the Mentor program is a club that brings the energy to the school through Freshman Transition Day and Knight Times. This year, the school’s Knight Times occur every Tuesday and Thursday, by which the Mentor program hosts student-led team bonding activities on Tuesdays, every four to six weeks.

¨I would say it’s an opportunity,” Mentor Program Co-Founder Kristen Johnson said. ¨We’re trying to allow people time to work with people they are already familiar with and that they feel like they cooperate well with. It’s a good moment to like being a leader in the building and the leaders can look different. I think sometimes we think a leader needs to look one way, but really, it can be anybody who’s just willing to try to make your community a little bit better.”

There are no requirements to being a mentor except a good attitude and motivation to create FHN a positive space. If you are interested in joining, Email Johnson at [email protected] to notify her.

“I think being a mentor is important, because post COVID stuff right now, our school is coming out of being in kind of a depression,” Mentor Ryan Murdock said. ¨So, I think having as many people be mentors is very beneficial to the school. Just accept everybody for who they are, and just love everybody in your nighttime as much as you can. Being a mentor doesn’t make you any better than anybody else. Really, just being a part of anything doesn’t make you better than anyone else. So, think about coming in. So if you’re looking to be a leader, relate to everybody else.”