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JV Softball Coach Steve Moorman Retires From Coaching


Credit to Andrew

Steve Moorman leads the JV softball team in a group huddle after their game against Troy on Sept. 20th.

JV softball and baseball coach Steve Moorman has decided to retire from coaching at FHN after four years. Throughout his years as a coach he helped many players grow on and off the field. Senior Sydney Adams played for Moorman three years straight and is adamant about his positive impact on her. 

“Moorman has a lot of commitment to his players,” Adams said. “He wants the best for them and he’ll put them where they can be the best that they can even if they don’t like it. He definitely can be strict on us but at the end of the day it’s because he cares about us and wants us to succeed.” 

While Moorman and many of his players are sad about his retirement; he feels it is necessary to step down for his family, even though he will miss coaching. 

“I knew it was my last year coaching when I was missing my older daughter’s softball games while we were playing,” Moorman said. “I’m glad I won’t miss any of my kids’ games anymore.” 

Adams is just one example of a player who holds sadness over his retirement, even if it is in his best interest. Adams owes a lot of her growth to Moorman and his coaching at FHN, she believes that she would not be where she is without him. She appreciates the things he did for her and her teammates. 

“I know that him stepping down is the best for him, his daughter and his family,” Adams said. “It’s sad to see him leave but it’s for the good. FHN will lose a good one and I’m happy with the bond that we’ve formed. I feel like I wouldn’t have as much drive or dedication to softball without you.”  

There are a lot of parts to coaching, Moorman will definitely miss the bonds he made when he is done coaching more than anything else. 

“You build a different relationship than in the classroom,” Moorman said. “You get to know them really well, especially when you see them grow. I build a lot of relationships that I’ll miss. It really set in when baseball season came around and I was helping but I wasn’t on the bench. It just wasn’t as much fun.”